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Wellness and Illness

'Wellness' and 'Illness' It is important that we cultivate the intention to become more interested in the truth of our experience than in our demand to find relief from our symptoms. It is natural to not want to feel pain, but if our primary concern is relief, we may not be able to allow ourselves to get close enough to the intelligence and creativity that are attempting to break through. (Matt Licata)

Perceptions play a pivotal role in our wellbeing, which is why it is so important to keep them balanced. Everything you perceive actually impacts your physiology hence your physiology reveals your psychology.

Illness can been defined as the result of an imbalanced perspective and wellness as one of a balanced perspective. If you perceive that you are receiving more support than challenge or more challenge than support, you get illness. If you see a synchronicity of support and challenge simultaneously, you get wellness.

Illness creates symptoms as a feedback system to your conscious mind to let you know that you have one or more lopsided perceptions. The second you balance your perceptions, your physiology changes and you return to wellness - your perceptions play a pivotal role in your wellbeing.

When you perceive an event to be supportive of you or your highest values, you will tend to open up to it. When you perceive an event to be challenging to you or your highest values, you will tend to close down to it. This has an impact on both your metabolism and your physiology.

Our perceptions not only create our metabolic pathways, they also influence the switching on and off of our DNA (epigenetics), which in turn determines the transcription of different proteins, creating different functionalities within the cell and ultimately affecting the whole body. Our perceptions create our chemistry.

Symptoms therefore are the body's feedback mechanism for being 'out of balance'; the intelligence of our physiology alerts us to bring ourselves back to homeostasis.

So, illness is a feedback mechanism to guide us back to a wellness balance. However, illness can so often be misinterpreted in the world which calls wellness ‘symptom free’ where we are quick to take a “pill for every ill”.

As an example; Imagine you overeat one night when you’re out with friends and you wake up the next morning with a puffy face, bloated stomachs, cramps, pain, nausea and fatigue. These symptoms are a physiological response to overeating and are actually healthy responses to let you know that you have overindulged. However, if you mask those symptoms with antacids and antihistamines, you will no longer have that valuable feedback. In other words, you’re shutting down the very thing that’s needed for your wellness and are not likely to learn the lessons that the body’s trying to teach you.

How then do we bring our psychology back into balance in order to create wellness?

Dr. John Demartini has studied Applied Physiology for many years and has written on what the psychology is doing in physiology and how “illnesses” are feedback mechanisms to let us know how and what we’re perceiving. If we perceive a balance of support and challenge in our mind, our body tends to move into wellness. If we have an imbalance and see more support than challenge or more challenge than support in our environment, may move towards an autonomically polarized illness.

Fundamental to assisting our physiology equilibrate is therefore to enquire where (and why) we hold on to emotional baggage.

At Equilibrate, we are committed to asking powerful questions to help illuminate a greater truth behind the body's feedback mechanisms resulting in symptoms. We also provide quality natural herbal solutions and support for the body as it transforms illness into wellness.

The emotional challenges that are running your life are creating subsequent physical and/or psychological symptoms. By clearing up your past to love your present and dissolving emotional distractions that hold back your health and vitality, you give yourself the highest probability of living to your maximum potential not only in mind and spirit, but in the physical realm also.

Your physiology is your friend. Your symptoms are feedback and your body's way of guiding you to live an inspired life.

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