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What makes an equilibrate session different

Equilibrate sessions involve integrating the conscious and unconscious portions of your mind to experience a transcendent, superconscious state of awareness.


This myelinates new neural pathways in the brain and previously held lopsided beliefs and emotions are equilibrated, giving rise to presence, certainty, gratitude, poise, inspiration and love.

My years of study and continual learning of the Demartini Method, universal principles, and experience in using the Method has helped me develop an approach that is focused, efficient, and practical. The combination of my knowledge in human behaviour, the mind, biology and health has lead me to my mission of empowering and educating individuals to gain clarity in their vision, to see the greatness inside themselves, and to help them overcome any obstacle or challenge along the way. 

What once may have taken months or years to resolved through traditional talk therapy can now be equilibrated in just a few sessions.

The process used is called the                                  and it is a methodical, scientific, reproducible process that helps individuals transcend their judgments and dramas and get on with living their most meaningful and inspiring lives.


You can transcend any of your mind distracting, life burdening emotional judgments and turn them into life inspiring and empowered states of appreciation and love

.From the moment of perception and judgement of an event, our full quantum consciousness splits into conscious and unconscious parts.

Your hierarchy of             determine how you perceive your world - they are your evaluations or judgements about what is most to least important in your life at any moment.

If something or someone supports your values you will be conscious of their upsides, but unconscious of their downsides, in other words, conscious of the things that support your highest values, but unconscious of the things that challenge your highest values.

In doing so, you are likely to split your full consciousness into conscious and unconscious halves and not see what is actually there but instead what you filter and distort through your subjective biases. This is an incomplete awareness.


The opposite is also true – the moment you look down on somebody or become repelled by, or resentful of them, you are likely to again divide your full consciousness into conscious and unconscious halves.

These distorting biases become stored in your subconscious mind, which results in further distorting your future perceptions. Whatever you admire or resent will occupy space and time in your mind and run you until you transcend these biased judgments, balance the imbalanced and become liberated and freed.  

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

My aim is to take whatever you’ve experienced that you’ve judged and stored in the subconscious mind,  and ask a series of very precise questions; scientifically demonstrated to reintegrate those parts, synchronously to a state of full quantum consciousness where you become awakened to a state of certainty with love, gratitude, presence, enthusiasm and inspiration.


Every time you equilibrate your mind, you are most likely to reawaken your purpose, reawaken your mission and spontaneously reconnect with your inspiration. In other words – reconnect with the love of what you feel you are here for. You are also then most likely to have an orientation of equity between yourself and others.


  • A systematic pre-determined series of questions and actions directed towards the objective of bringing you to a state of full consciousness; to your conscious mind the states of presence and certainty and to your heart the feelings of gratitude and love.

  • These questions will assist you in neutralizing your emotional charges and balancing your mental and physical reactions thereby helping you open your heart, clear your mind, expand your awareness, and bring wellness to your body.

  • I will also ask you, my client, to undergo a continuous thinking process and writing actions repeated over a course of time that results in a resolution of dis-equilibrated perceptions, thereby assisting you in discovering the underlying order governing your apparent daily chaos and empowering you to live a more fulfilled life.


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