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"Dreams are the touchstones of our characters." - Henry David Thoreau

There are many ways of learning, and understanding truth. Anyone who has worked with altered states of consciousness, dreams, or has questioned the apparent truth of their perceptions is most likely of the view that there are many valid ways to learn about the world, and our conscious and unconscious relationships within it (including those with ourselves).

For centuries our ancestors ingested herbs to heighten dream awareness, which provided them with mystical experiences that influenced the way we now perceive the world. This group of entheogens is known as “Oneirogens” (from the Greek oneiros meaning “dream” and gen meaning “creating”). These herbs and roots have been used for thousands of years for prophetic divination through dreams, out-of-body experiences, and to consciously awaken us during dream states.

Our wonderful Happy Herb Company supports this wholeheartedly and have endeavoured for over 20 years to make herbs accessible for those wishing to make this dream state their mode of healing, truth divining or simply for those who are curious adventurers. We believe our dreams provide us with inspiration, creativity, holistic healing, transformation and spiritual growth. Dreams provide us with insight about what’s preoccupying us, troubling us, engaging our thoughts and emotions. Often healing, often mysterious, always fascinating, dreams can both shape us and show us who we are.

Some of the range of herbs we have available in our West End shop to assist dreaming:

* Calea Zachatechi * Mugwort * Heimia salicifolia; aka Sinuichi or sun opener * Wild asparagus root; aka Shatavari, * Valerian root * Peppermint * Mullein * Calamus * Blue lotus * Guayusa * Gingko biloba * Burdock * Happy Herb tincture ‘Astral Tea’; a herbal tea concentrate which contains calamus, mugwort and catnip and many more herbs that provide a perfectly balanced way to enhance your dreams, visions and meditations.

In addition, come and browse our books for inspiration to explore your dreamstates

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