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Commitment to 5 x 60min sessions as a package 


Do you find yourself longing for a deeper connection and sense of purpose? Are you finding yourself worrying about material things and want a life with more meaning?  Spirituality is a very personal thing. For some it means religious beliefs and their connection to a higher power. Some people see spirituality as a connection to nature, a connection to community, a connection to a pan-psychic intelligence, while others feel it’s listening to their inner voice.


No matter how you define spirituality, it’s definitely important. Whether you look to God or Allah or Mother Nature or your own intuition for guidance, spirituality is what gives us a feeling of purpose and a connection to everything around us.


Without a spiritual “core” we are, in a sense, hollow. Our lives center around the material, external world and we react to experiences as they come rather than choosing our path based on deeply held beliefs or principles. And when we do not choose what we want, and are victim to our circumstance, we experience an unfulfilling life.

Like for every other human being, you have a set of priorities or values, things that are most important to least important in your life that are unique to you. Whatever is highest on your list of values - raising a beautiful family, running a business, learning and educating and being a scholar, being an athlete or a theologian, dedicating your life to a spiritual quest, or possibly building wealth - whatever it is that's deeply important to you, the most important thing, the very highest priority in your life represents your 'telos'. Your telos is the highest priority, most important, most meaningful, most inspiring, and most empowering objective that you could pursue in your life. It may have many names, but this telos has an underlying commonality - your most fulfilling pursuit or purpose in life and your path of self-actualization.

When you are living congruently with your highest values you are less likely to be distracted by impulses towards and instincts away - which are classic symptoms of living in your survival brain.When you try to live by your lower values you devalue yourself and wake up your more primitive mind and brain, (the seek and avoid survival brain) and you likely lose sight of your purpose in the process.. 


By living congruently with your highest values, you tend to run your life from the executive center of your brain. As such, you are best placed to have an inspired vision, self-governance, strategic planning and self-mastery. This is why true mind mastery is the development of your prefrontal cortex, it’s the source of the all-important self-governing executive function which is the path of power and the key to true life mastery.

I use  the Demartini Values Determination Process to help identify your highest values and your telos and the Demartini Method, to take whatever has happened in your life and extract meaning and fuel out of it. Once your highest values are identified and your perceptions are balanced, your more resourceful superconscious mind can begin doing its job, which is focusing on the highest calling, the telos. 

When you are living by your telos, your human will matches what theologians have called the divine will, and your master plan matches what you feel is predestined. You're now in the zone, and on tune, on target and on time with your greatest achievement zone of possibilities.

Together we will develop your self-governing executive center which is key for life mastery, so you can do something extraordinary with your life and fulfill your highest calling to serve and achieve. 

The most magnificent you is the authentic you. The authentic you is the one that's expressing your highest value and brings the most fulfillment and meaning to life. A spiritual connection.

Have increased connection to your spirituality, sense of direction, enthusiasm, fulfilment and purpose. Get in touch today to bring back poise, certainty, love, inspiration and gratitude.



It starts with a conversation.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

Or, alternatively, you can schedule a free 20-minute in-person consultation or a Zoom/telephone discovery session          to see if we’re a good fit.

Uncertain what you need? Contact me today, and we can find an appropriate path together.

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