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A true experience of wellness, of operating at our maximum potential and leading a fulfilling life, involves caring for all the parts that make us whole. It is a holistic blend of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing and the result of consciously choosing to live a quality life. This path of natural health and well being is multi-faceted and mindful of the consequences of our perceptions, decisions and actions. It is a life-long journey that requires personal accountability and commitment.

The mind and the body are linked. Everything you perceive actually impacts your physiology - in this way your physiology reveals your psychology. The second you balance your perceptions, your physiology changes and you return to wellness - your perceptions play a pivotal role in your wellbeing. When you equilibrate imbalanced perceptions, you improve your physical health, and when you improve your physical health, you’ll automatically experience greater mental and emotional well-being. Therefore taking care of your body's systems is not only optimising your physical wellbeing, but is also a powerful step towards mental and emotional health.

When a physical, mental or emotional or spiritual challenge is present in our lives, it  can become a barrier to our experience of wellbeing and fulfilment. 


At Transformational Self Mastery, we are committed to asking powerful questions to help illuminate a greater truth behind the body's feedback mechanisms resulting in symptoms.

Complementing this, at the West End Happy Herb Shop (Brisbane, QLD), the Mornington Happy Herb Shop (Mornington, VIC), and the Ocean Shores Happy Herb Shop (Ocean Shores, NSW) we also provide an extensive range of quality natural and effective plant medicines as loose herbs, tinctures, spagyrics and oils, as well as supplements to promote optimal health, healing, and wellbeing and as support for the body as it transforms illness into wellness. 

We offer a wide range of products with expert knowledge, advice and ever friendly service:​




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At the West End, Ocean Shores and Mornington Happy Herb Shops, we are creating community hubs contributing to education, transformation and fulfilment, providing natural integrated healthcare and holistic wellbeing.


We have created a space where all are welcome to come in explore the world of herbs, where customers are empowered by an expanded awareness of themselves and healthful options into raising their wellness, fulfilment and inspiration in life.

West End Happy Herb Shop

A place to consider our products as components of complementary and alternative medicines and supplements to assist wholistic well-being and to promote and support a more expanded and empowered version of themselves.

We offer professional facilitation and counselling with healing philosophy and consciousness to gain insights into the body’s imbalances that lead to disease, and how to use the body’s symptoms as a feedback system to bring healing.​

We provide an extensive range of natural and effective plant medicines as loose herbs, tinctures, spagyrics and oils, as well as supplements to promote optimal health, healing, and wellbeing of body mind and spirit.

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Ocean Shores. Happy Herb Shop

We promote a wide range of products with expert knowledge, advice and ever friendly service:​

~ Herbs for health, vitality, immunity and wellbeing, 

~ Herbs for energy

~ Herbs for relaxation, balance, and stress relief.

~Herbs for romance, libido and fertility

~ Herbs for dreaming, magic, ritual and ceremonial use

~Happy Herb's famous range of smoking blends, including mixes for helping to quit smoking

~ A great range of super foods and natural first aid, many well-being supplements, and quality alternative and complimentary medicines.

Within the gift arena, we offer;

~Fantastic array of natural party products for safe, legal fun

~ A wide range of quality Indian, Japanese,Tibet and locally made incense, incense holders and accessories, including sage, mugwort and other smudges, palo santo, resins, powders, charcoals and censers

~ A range of fire twirling gear, including staffs, poi, LED staffs and LED poi, practice poi and firelight fuel, slack lines, juggling, hoops, djembes, shakers and and other circus gear.


Mornington Happy Herb Shop

~ Natural and organic body care products.

~ High quality essential oils, perfume, body, attar and massage oils 

~ An exciting and eclectic collection of books ranging through Rumi, Hafiz, Jung, Freud, Dispenza, Lipton, Shepherd, Demartini, Watts, McKenna, Hancock, Bucky Fuller, Aristotle, Seneca, Emerson, Harari, Maté, Brene Brown, Tolle, Chopra, Frankl, Kafka, Chodren, Myss, through religions, ancient cultures, philosophers, entheogens and psychedelics, psychology, human behaviour, history, consciousness, women's wisdom and shamanic exploration.

~An equally lovely collection of oracle and tarot cards and unique leather journals

~Sustainable and eco-sensitive products; 


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