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3 month discovery and transformational program

intensive (1 session per week) or

conventional (1 session per fortnight)

During this 3 month program, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of human behaviour, and embark on powerful and deep dive into your own nature and how it manifests into your values, perceptions, decisions, and actions.  You will be guided to thoroughly identify your values using The Demartini Values Determination Process and to understand the critical importance of knowing these and the power this awareness imparts in your life. In each session you will transform your perceptions resulting in an expanded awareness, understanding and appreciation of yourself and others.

This 3 month package includes;

  • conventional; 7 x 60 minute individual sessions (fortnightly) OR

  • intensive; 7 x 60 minute individual sessions (weekly)

  • 3 'lifeline/service' emergency calls of 30 min duration held at short notice for motivation, brainstorms, downloads or debriefing when you need immediate coaching support

This 3 month program will;

 any emotion keeping you from maximising your potential.

  • Help you expand and develop in the way you want, traveling in the direction of your goals

  • deepen your relationship with yourself and others

  • Support you (at all levels) on your journey to who/where you want to be

  • Build your awareness that empowers choice and leads to expansion, bringing greater authenticity, congruency, self worth, achievement, meaning and fulfilment.


  • fascinating journey of self discovery and revealing your own unique hierarchy of values

  • understanding the importance of knowing your hierarchy of values as it relates to leading a fulfilled and meaningful life

  • gain clarity around your own authentic nature and identity which ultimately assists with setting goals which are aligned to have the highest probability of achievement

  • greater self awareness of your values, your identity, what is meaningful for you and why

  • greater self awareness and understanding of the dynamics of your consciousness and of your subconscious strategies redirecting you to a more congruent and authentic life 

  • understanding your beliefs and letting go of self limiting beliefs.

  • overcoming patterns that keep you stuck.

  • governance over your thoughts and feelings

  • understanding and dissolving fears and infatuations, no longer being run by them

  • dissolving any perceptions on yourself or someone else of anger, blame, lack of focus, betrayal, blockages, distractions, criticism, anxiety, depression, frustration, grief, jealousy, hatred, procrastination, shame, guilt, people pleasing, abandonment, trauma, overthinking, powerlessness, stress..... the list goes on. 

  • no longer being run by these incomplete awareness

  • no longer seek or avoid situations because of associated beliefs

  • appreciation for yourself and others

  • feeling inspired to be your authentic self

  • increased self worth, certainty and empowerment

  • have practical, simple tools and strategies at your disposal for dealing with life and life stressors.

  • systematically prioritise and work through any conscious or unconscious perceptions and emotional charges

  • resolving fears, guilt, anxieties, blame, lack of focus, frustration, depression, shame, resentment, intimidation, grief, trauma, people pleasing, procrastination, infatuations and fantasies -

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