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Dr. Belle Stone - Mind Mastery Specialist


I am Belle Stone, a professionally trained and certified facilitator and consultant of The Demartini Method®, trained and licensed Demartini Values® Facilitator, and trained and licensed Addiction Facilitator®, a coach and counsellor, as well as owning and managing the West End Happy Herb Shop in Brisbane, Australia, the Mornington Happy Herb Shop in Victoria, Australia and the Ocean Shores Happy Herb Shop in Northern New South Wales, Australia.


I have completed a Bachelor of Science at Adelaide University, majoring in Physiology, Microbiology, Immunology and Genetics, and completed both my Honours Degree and my PhD at The University of Western Australia - with a later side jaunt resulting in a Diploma in Fitness.

I have a love for understanding the workings of the mind, metaphysics, how inner worlds influences the outer world, and how to continually grow expand and empower to achieve an authentic and fulfilling life.


Dr. Belle Stone

Transformation Turnaround Specialist and Mindset Mentor

Bsc. Hons. PhD (Biology)

Dip. Fitness

Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator 

Demartini Values® Facilitator.

I am inspired to find solutions to challenges that open hearts and minds to both universal laws and human dynamics and to influence and inspire deep transformation and healing.

Through my own journey, challenges and quest for understanding and empowerment, I was introduced to the profound process of the Demartini Method, and my personal transformations using this method, coupled with my own search for understanding of universal principles and meaning, revealed my mission.


The combination of my knowledge and curiosity in human behaviour, the mind, biology, health and wellness has led me to my mission of empowering and educating individuals to gain clarity in their vision, to see the greatness inside themselves, and to help them overcome any obstacle or challenge along the way of experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

By transforming emotional baggage into an empowered and grateful state I am inspired to witness others become master of their destiny instead of staying a victim of their history.


I have trained and mentored under Dr. John Demartini, who is recognised as the world-leading authority on human behaviour, for over 15 years and I am dedicated to continual learning and upgrading my knowledge and skills by regularly attending advanced educational and training programs. I have many years of professional experience helping and impacting individuals from all walks of life, assisting them to overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours and to go on to achieve greater success and fulfilment.


My own worldly experiences coupled with my years of study and training with the Demartini Method, universal principles, and experience in using the Method has helped me develop an approach that is focused, efficient, and practical. The questions I ask assist in neutralizing emotional charges and balancing mental and physical reactions thereby helping to open hearts, clear minds, expand awareness, reawaken your purpose, reawaken your mission. reconnect with your inspiration and bring wellness and vitality to the physical body.

I am also here to help you learn how to transform any distressful situation you might encounter into a more fulfilling condition or experience, to empower you to deal with past pains, break through barriers and transform emotional baggage so you are able to be master of your destiny instead of being a victim of your history. 

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What once may have taken months or years to resolve through traditional talk therapy I can now equilibrate in just a few sessions.

Change the tapestry of your thinking by finding the hidden order in the apparent chaos, liberating you to focus on your purpose, inspiration and fulfilment in life.

I work with individuals and groups on personal or professional issues either in person, by telephone or via a Zoom consultation.

About Belle
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