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Clear    the Past     Create     the Future


My mission is to facilitate, consult and mentor individuals on their journey towards empowerment, emotional mastery and visionary living, helping them clear their past and limiting stories, and clarify and create their path towards fulfilling their inspired purpose.

"My mission at EQUILIBRATE is to empower individuals and groups by facilitating, consulting and mentoring them using universal principles and their application to human behaviour. My goal is to transform incomplete awareness of judgements and limited perceptions into a more mindful and fully conscious state, with a greater sense of appreciation for self and others, greater self-awareness, a greater sense of certainty and clarity in their purpose and to awaken their leadership. By guiding my clients in illuminating their pathway to living an authentic expression of themselves, I aim to help them maximize their potential, master their emotions and create a visionary life. My purpose is to inspire individuals to take accountability for governing their minds, and to help them find meaning and purpose, enabling them to reach their full potential and live fulfilling lives."

Dr. Belle Stone

Transformation Turnaround Specialist

and Mindset Mentor

Bsc. Hons. PhD (Biology)

Dip. Fitness

Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator 

Demartini Values® Facilitator.

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